Aasmah Par-tea

Committing your life to the love of tea leaves is not everyone's cup of tea! At Aasmah Tea, we take our obsession with herbal blends very seriously!

Want to join our Aasmah Par-tea?

  • Aasmah Par-tea is a loyalty program that is an exclusive club where tea enthusiasts from around the world can unite under the common banner of their love for Aasmah Tea products!
  • We hope to use our Aasmah Par-tea loyalty program to create a culture of friendliness and hospitality where we celebrate Assam's tea fields and their ability to provide us with tea blends that range from earthy to grassy and everything in between!

What are the perks?

  • As a member of the Aasmah Par-tea loyalty program, you will continuously be kept in the loop with the latest news updates about what our master blenders are doing!
  • Upon subscribing to Aasmah Par-tea, you will enjoy perks such as freebies, discounts, and samples of our latest products before they are released!
  • We believe that our community members who are committed to Aasmah Tea deserve to feel special! Our loyalty program takes care of that!

Refer to a friend!

  • We want you to know that Aasmah Par-tea is a welcoming group of individuals who are always willing to take in more members and share their love for a delicious cup of tea!
  • If you refer Aasmah Tea products to a friend, both of you will get to enjoy incredible discounts after the first purchase made by your friend!