Welcome To Aasmah

Who We Are ?

The story behind Aasmah Tea is as deep and flavorsome as the taste of its products.

We are a team of master blenders who love and respect the art of collecting, crushing, and brewing tea leaves to deliver the flavors and fragrance of the tea fields of Assam! We pride ourselves in the careful curation of tea products that use unique and exciting ingredients that are not found in typical tea mixes. We believe in branching out into lesser-known blends that are not readily available everywhere, which is what makes Aasmah Tea unique!

We believe in offering tea-riffic tea blends!

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Why choose us?

With its malty flavor and bold taste, Aasmah tea is unlike any other cup of tea that you will ever sip. Unlike tea grown in the highlands, Assam's tea fields are where nature has conspired against all odds to provide the ideal growing conditions for tea leaves. With its fertile soil, an abundance of rain spells, and favorable climatic conditions, Assam is one of the world's most extensive tea growing regions. We are particularly well-known for our Aasmah Immuni-tea that is a healthy tea mix that offers endless benefits!
At Aasmah Tea, our job is to do justice to these tea leaves by picking, packaging, and delivering them to your doorstep!


'To make use of the special ingredients in Assam to create flavorsome and refreshing tea products that allow tea enthusiasts worldwide to appreciate our incredible Aasmah Tea mixes! To take our local marketplace to the global marketplace to share the magic from Assam!'


'To represent the tea culture and obsession with brewing delicious tea in Assam by offering premium-quality tea products that can only be sourced in the unique climatic zone of Assam. To become an industry-leading provider of tea products in the local and global marketplace!'